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Butterfly Photos Find a Home

Some time ago I talked about the link Butterfly Photos I took at the MN zoo butterfly garden, and how the problem with butterfly photos is that it’s just too easy to get a good-looking one, which means it’s incredibly hard to get a remarkable one.

Despite coming out of the zoo with a stack of perfectly average photos (well, and one nice one of a moth) I’m happy to have finally found a use for them!

Monarch Butterfly

My work was putting together a pretty neat butterfly garden resource, and along with it they included a butterfly garden guide. Naturally they needed some pictures of butterflies, and since I had a pile sitting around, it was easier to use mine than to search for creative commons ones.

In addition to the how-to guide, Wayfair also put together a really awesome, really comprehensive guide to what kinds of flowers and host plants you need depending on what region of the US you live in. Here is the list of all the butterfly plant guides:

Butterfly Flower & Plant Guides by Region

I’m particularly fond of this collection of info, because I haven’t been able to find it all in one place anywhere else online, and because our researchers got so darned much info — nearly 100 butterflies native to each region. I totally plan on using this one day to make my own butterfly garden.

And then, maybe, I’ll try butterfly photography again.

Providence Waterfire Festival

Shortly after moving to Boston, my girlfriend learned about a recurring festival in nearby Providence, the Waterfire. So we made a note on the calendar for the next time the festival was happening, and took the train on down. They basically have a ton of bonfires floating on the river going through downtown, along with food & crafts booths on streets a few blocks away, and live music at the ampitheater.

Providence Waterfire

1 sec at f3.5, 18mm, ISO 200

The Waterfire festival was pretty cool, but the most shocking thing to us was how amazingly packed the place was. It was a sea of humanity. Considering that they hold the festival every 3-4 weeks I didn’t expect the entire population of Rhode Island to come out for it, but that’s what seemed to happen.

floating bonfire

1/6th at f5.3, 105mm, ISO 200

The fire of the Waterfire is just a big metal brazier attached to 3 floats. The place was so packed that I had a hard time getting up to the rail of the river to get a shot, and ended up having to use the tripod more as a monopod leaning up against the railing.

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