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Natural Bridge

While we were up in the Berkshires last weekend, some of the better shots I got were not of the fall colors I had gone up to collect. Instead we stopped at an area called the Natural Bridge, which is a park that was once a marble quarry. There was a stream that had cut incredibly deep channels through the natural marble & stone cliffs and photographing this stream turned out to give me generally better shots than the fall colors did.

I think this is mostly because the stream was in a wooded area, so I had the trees to filter and diffuse the bright sunlight that made photographing the trees sub-par for most of the day.


2 sec at f7, 18mm, ISO 200

This shot is looking almost straight down at one of the deep channels the stream cut into the rock. They had various bridges and walkways anchored to the stone to let you stand right over it, and my girlfriend generally felt this whole park was one of the highlights of the Berkshires.

I think this was probably the best shot I got during the trip. It was a pain in the ass too, because people kept tramping down the wooden bridge to look, and every footstep caused significant vibrations, screwing up shot after shot.


3 sec at f14, 65mm, ISO 100, 6xND


3 sec at f20, 75mm, ISO 100, 6xND

This shot was taken just beneath the main waterfall. Alas the waterfall itself was in a clearing and the sun was shining directly on it, so it wasn’t possible to get both the falls and the smaller ones directly beneath it (and there wasn’t enough of the main falls in the light to make a good shot). The mini-falls you see at the top of this shot are a smaller one beneath the main falls.

It was still bright enough in this area that I needed a x6 neutral density filter to get a long enough exposure.


4.5 sec at f22, 18mm, ISO 200

This is a shot of the creek beneath the falls and past the area where it gouged through the marble. Nothing terribly special about this, but I still like the shot. Probably would have been better if I actually went into the stream more to the left of where this was shot (I was standing on some rocks sticking up, with the tripod in the creek).

Looking at this now, I think I should also burn the rocks in the foreground and to the right a bit. The eye tends to go to the lightest part of the photo first, and these rocks are drawing the eye down from the water, rather than the eye following the water down to the bottom left.


Drove out to the Berkshires over the weekend, with the hopes of getting some cool shots of fall colors. The day was supposed to mostly cloudy with some sun, and it was great photography weekend when we left. Unfortunately by the time we got there the clouds went away and it was a clear bright day… unfortunately crummy photography weather.

Didn’t end up with any really good shots, but I did get some so-so shots at the end of the day as the sun was starting to set (alas, just as the sun went down to golden hour, the clouds came back in and hid everything).

Berkshires Mountains Good

1/250 at f5.0, 80mm, ISO 400K

Berkshires Mountains2

1/250 at f5.0, 65mm, ISO 400

berkshires cliff

1/250 at f4.0, 32mm, ISO 200

The last one there is definitely the best photo, I think. Despite the disappointing fall color shoot, I did get some cool shots of a creek at a park we stopped at, and I’ll toss those up once I process them.

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