As the holidays approach my girlfriend is busy decorating for Thanksgiving and looking through possible new Christmas Decorations, we started talking about holiday photos. Our decor plan is that we have a handful of picture frames in which we swap out the photos every season for something seasonally appropriate.

Unfortunately, this made me realize that I basically have no holiday photos. No shots from Christmas past, or pretty harvest photos to use for Thanksgiving time, not even shots of cool jack-o-lanterns for Halloween. The closest thing I have is some Fireworks shots from years and years ago.


With a lack of Christmas shots, I’m digging up generic winter photos to put in the frames, but also trying to think about what kind of photos I would want for Christmas… I mean, do you really want a photo of a Christmas tree, or the neighbor’s awesome light display hanging up on your wall? Not really. Pretty much anything that screams “Christmas” is more appropriate for a greeting card than a decoration for your house.

For Thanksgiving I can imagine a bunch of harvest-type photos you could take, but for Christmas… I think for the time being I’m going to stick with the winter shots and call it a season.