When we moved to Boston in June, the New England Aquarium was one place that I was most looking forward to visiting, because I had been told great things about it. However, we had so many things that we wanted to see, we decided to set aside all of the indoor activities for the winter.


1/60th at f5.0, 35mm, 400ISO with flash

So we finally made it to the aquarium. As far as aquariums go, I was pretty disappointed that they actual viewing glass into the tanks was comparatively small — particularly when they had a massive 4-story tank in the center, but the viewing glass was smaller than my outstretched arms.


1/60th at f5, 34mm, 400ISO with flash

Don’t get me wrong, the variety of species they had was truly impressive and I enjoyed the trip. But compared to the Mall of America Underwater Adventure (in which you walk in clear tunnels on the bottom of massive tanks with sharks and manta rays swimming overhead) and even the Minnesota Zoo tanks, it just didn’t have the wow factor.


1/60th at f5, 27mm, ISO400 with flash

And of course, the smaller glass and prevalence of curved glass made photography much more difficult. Without a fancy flash extender, you have to use a pretty sharp angle to prevent flash reflection, and in many tanks I wasn’t really able to get a decent angle.


1/60th at f5.3, 90mm, ISO800 with flash.

Still, it was a fun trip and I’m glad I made it, and I was particularly fond of the one jellyfish shot that I managed to get out of it!