I spent a good chunk of this summer getting married. Once the work was out of the way, we went on our honeymoon on Big Island, Hawaii. With glorious beaches, volcanoes, rain forests, and waterfalls I took a lot of pictures. I’m still slowly digging through and processing them, and I suspect I’ll be posting them here for the next year or more, given how seldom I remember to update this site.

For my first honeymoon shot, here is Rainbow Falls in Hawaii:

2.2 sec at f11, 200mm, ISO 200, 3-stop ND filter

We spent our last few days in Hawaii on the Hilo side of big island, the east side that is also the wet side. This is where you find all the rain forests and waterfalls, including Rainbow Falls. Rainbow Falls is named for the rainbow that appears by the falls under the right conditions. I really wanted to be able to see the rainbow and so did a lot of research on when it appears and even cleared spots on our schedule over two different days so we could go back if conditions weren’t right the first time.

Happily we arrived at about 10:30 am and the sun was shining (you need the sun, which is very unreliable in a rain forest). There was no hiking involved either, which was a nice change of pace. You just drive up into a parking lot and the falls are right there.

At first we didn’t see the rainbow, because we were looking for it to appear in front of the falls themselves. Finally I noticed it just over the water beneath the falls and quickly adjusted my camera position. I used a 3-stop neutral density filter to get a long enough exposure in the bright light and probably took somewhere north of 40 pictures. The rainbow faded in and out depending on the sun and the spray, and in half the shots it faded away just after I hit the shutter.

In the end I got a good dozen shots with the rainbow nice and bright, and of them this is probably my favorite balance between falls exposure and rainbow (the brighter the exposure, the better the rainbow, but then the falls were blasted out pure white). I suspect we’ll be printing this one to hang on our walls.

A good reminder of an epic honeymoon.