I went to Hawaii prepared to take pictures of waterfalls — tripod, cable release, and neutral density filters. And while Rainbow Falls was the best waterfall picture I got, there were several others:

Kulaniapia Falls

Kulaniapia Falls Hawaii

3 sec at f5.0, ISO 200

This waterfall was directly behind the B&B we stayed in on the Hilo side of the island. We could literally hear the roaring of the falls as we fell asleep, and watch and listen to it as we ate breakfast on the deck outside the main building each morning. You could also climb down and swim beneath the falls; however, when we were there they were running too high and no one was allowed to swim.

It would have been nearly a perfect place to stay, except that there was no air conditioning, which meant sleeping with all windows open and still being uncomfortably hot. And because the screens were bad, it then meant getting eaten by mosquitoes all night.

Boulder Creek Falls

Boulder Creek Falls Hawaii

2.5 sec at f22, ISO 200

This was a wee little waterfall in the Tropical Botanical Gardens, which was probably the coolest place we visited on the Hilo side. A massive area of large paved trails through a rainforest garden filled with amazing tropical flowers.

Akaka Falls

Akaka Falls Hawaii

1/250 at f3.5, ISO 400

This is the largest waterfall in Hawaii and it’s pretty easy to get to — just a short walk down some trails from the parking lot. Unfortunately the area overlooking the falls is set fairly low, so it’s impossible to actually see the base of the falls. I managed to get this shot by standing on the base of the fence and holding the camera as high over my head as I could.

I managed to get a decent shot using that method, but if they just had a six-foot viewing platform at the overlook, then everyone could see the entire falls.