We had one of those horrible, awful snowstorms today. Not the ones that drop feet of snow — worse than that. There might be only 8 inches or so, but it started as rain, and even after converting to snow it was wet, sticky, heavy snow. The kind where each shovelful weighs more than you do, and there’s a layer of slush beneath the snow.

On the bright side, that’s also the kind of snow that clings to trees, and fences, and everything as it falls, temporarily turning the world into the kind of winter wonderland that only comes once every few years. And today’s was the most amazing I think I’ve ever seen: every tree branch and twig was coated in white. It was stunning.

Snowy New England Pond

1/125 at f2.8, ISO 800

Alas I had to spend the magical day in the office, but as soon as my train brought me home (thankfully on time, without the delays of the trains before and after mine, due to engine failure and a downed tree on the tracks) I raced to grab my camera and ran down the block to get some shots of what landscape I could nearby before the light faded.

Sunset over winter pond

1/160 at f2.8, ISO 800

Because by morning, mark my words, it’ll start to melt off the trees when the sun comes out and the snow fill fall in clump, leaving only the typical clusters of snow on the evergreens and thickest branches.

Snow covered trees

1/80 at f2.8, ISO 800

Living most of my life in Minnesota, I’ve seen plenty of snow, and plenty of wet snow clinging to branches. But I’ve never seen anything like today’s Massachusetts winter. I’m very happy there’s a little pond just down the street from my house where I could get some nice shots of the winter sunset before the light was gone. I think one of these is going to get printed to add to our winter photos collection.

Snow covered trees by pond

1/50 at f2.8, ISO 800

Photography in winter may be a pain in the ass, trudging through knee-high snow (which I did have to do to get to this pond), but every now and then it really pays off with something special. Very happy with these.