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First Sunrise in the US

On Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park in Maine, if you’re willing to get up in pitch darkness and drive up to the top of Cadillac Mountain, you can be among the first people in the US to see the sun rise. When we visited, we did just that.

Sunrise on Cadillac Mountain, Maine

1/500 at f4.5, ISO 400

We ended up with a fairly unimpressive sunrise due to cloud cover that did not cooperate, but it was still a really great experience — and once that we shared with around a hundred other people. I was shocked at how crowded the Cadillac Mountain summit was (and annoyed how people kept wandering in front of my tripod and sitting down right in the middle of my shot, causing me to continually have to move). Here’s a look at the part of the summit crowd.

Sunrise watchers on Cadillac Mountain summit

After the show was over and the sun was well into the sky, we debated whether to try to come again the next day in hopes of a more spectacular sunrise, but quickly agreed that Hell No. Wife went back to the B&B to sleep, while I wandered around a nearly deserted Acadia in the early morning for a few hours.

Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse

We traveled up the coast on Maine in early summer of 2016 and spent several days in Acadia National Park, which was absolutely lovely. While there, we made a quick trip down to Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse, because my wife loves lighthouses. We went at sunset, because I wanted a picture of the lighthouse.

Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse

1/200 at f3.5, ISO 400

Getting a picture requires climbing down a steep staircase and then scrambling out across some rocks — and those rocks are only available to scramble to at low tide. So we actually scheduled which day we’d hit the lighthouse based on when low tide matched up with sunset (and if I’m being honest, I also scheduled the trip to make sure the two would align).

We didn’t have a particularly spectacular sunset that evening, but still got a peasant photo of the lighthouse in action — both myself and another guy standing out on a low flat rock with our tripods and water splashing up against our feet.

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