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Cherry Blossoms

When we visited Washington D.C. in 2016, we tried our best to time our trip to match the blooming of the cherry trees. They bloom in spring for about 1 week (possibly less, depending on weather and wind), but that one week can fall anywhere in a month and a half window. We knew it had been a very warm winter, so we knew they were likely to bloom early and scheduled the trip and time off of work for our best-guess weekend.

Alas, as it turns out, we were a week late. The trees bloomed record early, and by the time we go there there were just a few straggling blossoms here and there.

Cherry Blossoms

1/800 at f8, ISO 400

Except, as it turns out, for one tree out of the thousands that was in peak bloom just in time for our arrival. S0 as it turns out we did have the opportunity to get a picture of a cherry tree in full bloom.

Bei Bei

When we visited Washington DC in 2016, one of the must stops was the Smithsonian National Zoo — specifically to see the giant pandas, and more specifically to see Bei Bei, the baby panda.

Bei Bei the baby Giant Panda

1/500 at f5.6, ISO 800

The National Zoo in general was great, and we got to the panda exhibit just in time to see Bei Bei’s mother Mei Xiang playing with Bei Bei, running around and wrestling. It was adorable, and I got quickly got a handful of shots. Within minutes the keepers called the pandas into the nearby building for something, and that was the end of Bei Bei for the day. We were very happy we didn’t arrive a few minutes later — we’d have missed Bei Bei entirely (and probably would have had to schedule another trip under the demands of my wife).

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