My father gave me my first camera when I was around 7, I think. It was a wee little twin lens reflex, and I took a lot of pictures with it. I remember eagerly badgering my mother to get the film developed every time another roll was done. Then I would hastily look through all the pictures I had taken and completely forget about them as I set off to take more pictures.

In the 20-30 years since then, I have continued taking pictures, upgrading my equipment from time to time. From twin lens to single lens reflex, from Minolta to Nikon, from film to digital, and eventually collecting multiple lenses, and lights, and reflectors. I took photography courses at college, did some contract photography, do product photography for the web, and when working in marketing I chose and bought stock photography for our print ads.

PhotoBugBlog is just a place for me to post some photos along with notes about how and where they were taken. Every now and then I post some kind of how-to guide, but that is not the main purpose of the site.