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Some shots of the 2015 fireworks in Attleboro, MA. No decent background to expose, so just shot up against the sky. Sadly my battery died halfway through the show, so I wasn’t able to shoot the big finale.









Holiday Photos

As the holidays approach my girlfriend is busy decorating for Thanksgiving and looking through possible new Christmas Decorations, we started talking about holiday photos. Our decor plan is that we have a handful of picture frames in which we swap out the photos every season for something seasonally appropriate.

Unfortunately, this made me realize that I basically have no holiday photos. No shots from Christmas past, or pretty harvest photos to use for Thanksgiving time, not even shots of cool jack-o-lanterns for Halloween. The closest thing I have is some Fireworks shots from years and years ago.


With a lack of Christmas shots, I’m digging up generic winter photos to put in the frames, but also trying to think about what kind of photos I would want for Christmas… I mean, do you really want a photo of a Christmas tree, or the neighbor’s awesome light display hanging up on your wall? Not really. Pretty much anything that screams “Christmas” is more appropriate for a greeting card than a decoration for your house.

For Thanksgiving I can imagine a bunch of harvest-type photos you could take, but for Christmas… I think for the time being I’m going to stick with the winter shots and call it a season.

Providence Waterfire Festival

Shortly after moving to Boston, my girlfriend learned about a recurring festival in nearby Providence, the Waterfire. So we made a note on the calendar for the next time the festival was happening, and took the train on down. They basically have a ton of bonfires floating on the river going through downtown, along with food & crafts booths on streets a few blocks away, and live music at the ampitheater.

Providence Waterfire

1 sec at f3.5, 18mm, ISO 200

The Waterfire festival was pretty cool, but the most shocking thing to us was how amazingly packed the place was. It was a sea of humanity. Considering that they hold the festival every 3-4 weeks I didn’t expect the entire population of Rhode Island to come out for it, but that’s what seemed to happen.

floating bonfire

1/6th at f5.3, 105mm, ISO 200

The fire of the Waterfire is just a big metal brazier attached to 3 floats. The place was so packed that I had a hard time getting up to the rail of the river to get a shot, and ended up having to use the tripod more as a monopod leaning up against the railing.

Best Laid Plans

Sometimes you can plan for a shoot and have everything fall a part, totally lose what you were going for… and still end up with good shots.

Over the 4th of July I was planning on getting some Fireworks shots and I went down to the St. Anthony Falls area for the fireworks show there. I go there hours early to stake out a good spot on the banks of the river, set up my tripod, did focus tests, and was as ready as could be.

Well, come fireworks time, I realized that I was on the wrong side of the bridge from the fireworks. And by then every square foot was packed solid with the press of bodies. I was unable to get a single decent shot of the fireworks.

But, over on my side of the bridge and across the river was a little chunk of downtown Minneapolis and I spent some time taking a shot of the city across the water with the big stone bridge that was blocking my fireworks featured prominently in the shot.

So despite losing the fireworks shoot, I still walked away with a shot that I was very happy with. Actually, there’s probably a moral in there somewhere. Like “learn where the fireworks will be, stupid.”

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