One of the funnest things I get to photograph for my dice store (other than stop-motion) is glow in the dark dice. I photograph these in the same white lightbox as the rest of the product photography, but with all the lights out you would never know that this is shot on a white backdrop.

Glow in the dark Call of Cthulhu Dice
15 sec at f11, 90mm, ISO 400

The glow in the dark shots always come out super cool, and there really isn’t much to it. The real secret is putting the lights just a few inches from the dice (remembering the inverse square law) to charge up the glow factor as much as possible for a couple minutes, then firing away.

I just toss the camera on the tripod and frame up the shot with the lights still on, then kill the lights, wait a second for all the light to fade, and trigger the shutter. I jumped up to ISO 400 for these so that I could get the shot in a reasonable time at a smaller aperture to boost the depth of field a little bit (ISO 200 usually gives me an exposure over 30 seconds, at which point I would have to use the bulb setting — if possible I just want to let the camera do the counting).

Basically every glow in the dark shot comes out looking about a hundred times better than the same shot in the light. And these products tend to get the most likes and social shares of all the dice on the site, just because the pictures are so cool looking.